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Internal arts for the modern world

Discover the secret from ancient monastery of Shaolin

The wellness benefits myth from the Shaolin ancient monastery is finally revealed and made available to the modern busy society for attaining longevity.

Yan Shou Gong (YSG)

The art of longevity, a direct translation of its name. With the history of more than 200 years, this art has changed so many lives throughout the years.

Originate from the monastery of the Shaolin, now this beautiful internal art is made available to all walks of life, helping people to improve their lives and achieve longevity.

Based on the art of WuJi and Lohan Ruyi, by the late Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong, further evolved and condensed by the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai into YSG, taught to Master Yap Boh Heong and now it's made available to the public through technology.

Also used by physiotherapists and psychologists to help their patients to recover from postural problems, body pain, to mild depression and anxiety.

What might be the common challenges faced?

The frustration after spending tonnes of money and time learning internal arts but still didn't able to get it?

Treatments after treatments, medicines after medicines still didn't manage to relief the body pain?

Diets after diets, programmes after programmes still didn't able to lose some inches? 

Here's Why You Will Love This YSG Online Programme

This Programme Will Help You to 10x improve your general wellness.

The YSG online programme with it's systematic and easy to follow syllabus, enable students to enjoy all the health benefits in a very short period of time.

With it's signature 'strings' methodology, it enable practitioners to relieve from body pains, when treatments and medications doesn't work.

A very obvious benefits that our students felt was, the ability to heal from body pain, especially back pain, shoulder, hip joint, and many more.

Apart from the '3R' benefits (RELIEVE body pain, REDUCE excessive weight, RELEASE stress), it also enable internal arts practitioner to achieve 'Qi' level and Raise Their Energy Levels

With the 'strings' teaching methodology, it also makes internal arts students be able to utilize their 'Qi' and how to channel their 'Qi' at a more effective level, at least 50% way faster than any conventional approach.

Not only that, YSG also serves as a very good martial arts, as it contains all the martial elements inside the set form, which makes learning YSG, apart from being healthy, one will also enjoy utilizing it as a form of self defense.

How YSG will benefit you in just 3 easy steps?

Step 1 : Develop your power plant
This is the 'Powerplant theory'. It's just like the powerplant to supply electricity to a town, they first need a power plant to generate the energy.
YSG will teach you to generate the energy from the ground up through it's 'tik-tak' exercise, and 1-4 breathing. 

Step 2 : Build the cables
From the energy created from the powerplant, the electricity needs to be transferred using the cables to reach to the houses in the town. This is where
the development of 'strings' comes into picture. Our unique 'string' signature teaching methodology developed by Master Yap Boh Heong himself, to enable students to be able to grasp the ideology in a way much shorter period of time, as compared to conventional approach in learning internal arts.

Step 3 : Using the tools
Through the cables, the electricity created from the powerplant will travels through the cables, and reach to our houses that distributed to our home
appliances, like our TV, fan, water heater and so on. We need to ensure the electricity created is enough to power up these appliances so that we are
able to use it, by making sure the connection are all intact, from the appliances to the cables, and cables to the power plant. This part will involve 
plenty of 'Yi' works and how to use the 'strings' to power up the 'Yi', thus makes the appliances works, like how the techniques 'works'.

Start Noticing Positive Changes in Your Body and Soul within a Week

Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

My back is not paining anymore!

"I had a tragic accident few years back, resulting me to had a very serious scoliosis, and causes me lower back pain. After I trained YSG for as short as 2 months time, my pain was gone"

~ Kevin, USA~

Click here to watch the FULL video

I can finally feel my finger.

"I cut my finger 30 years ago and lost it's sensation on the end section of my middle finger. After I trained YSG, I managed to feel my finger back again".

~ Charles, Hong Kong ~

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Hunched back problems solved.

"With the 'strings' methodology taught and used in the YSG programme. I managed to get the idea on how to activate my internal strings and solves my hunchback problems".

~ Josh, Australia ~

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Easy to follow syllabus really makes a lot of difference.

" The simple and easy to understand syllabus of YSG enables me to not only improve my back pain, but it also helps me to achieve a lot in a very short period of time"

~ Marc, Germany ~

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Short set forms

All the sets in YSG are short and easy to learn. It doesn't even take anything longer than 3 minutes a set, and that's the longest of them all, to practice and learn

Movements can be pressure tested

Most of our physical movements can be pressure tested, it's kung fu after all. This is to ensure the applicability of the art and not just fluff.

Individual sets

All the 36 sets in the YSG syllabus are not connected and they can be trained and practiced individually, with different benefits in each sets, giving much flexibility to train.

No equipment needed

There's no equipment needed to train YSG and not much space as well. All the sets can be performed completely without the need of any equipment.

See results faster

Be it you would like to use YSG to improve your internal skills, relieve body pain, reduce excessive weight, or release stress. You'll be able to feel the better you in no time. You just need to follow the system designed accordingly.

Who should learn YSG?

  • Internal arts practitioner like Qigong, Tai Chi
  • Martial artists who would like to venture into internal arts studies
  • Athletes who would like to improve their sports performance
  • Beginner practitioner who would like to pursue their studies in the art of WuMei
  • Working professionals who don't have much time to workout
  • Stressful executives in this thriving times
  • Working adult who're suffering from body pain due to excessive muscle used in daily activities.

What You'll Expect In This Programme?

  • Instructional Video library : Step by step instructional videos of YSG 36 set forms

  • Online Live training session : Detailed live session from instructional videos learnt. 

  • Access to our YSG Private Facebook Group for trainings corrections.

  • One to one mentorship for trainings accountability.

  • How does YSG looks like?

    What's in the YSG syllabus?

    The entire YSG syllabus consists of 6 books, where each of the books has 6 different sets in each book. Let's take a look at the content for every book of the whole YSG syllabus.

    YSG book 1

    This book contains the first 6 sets of the YSG forms namely :

    1) Everything comes from emptiness

    2) Look left look right

    3) Casting the fishing net

    4) Calming Heaven & Earth

    5) Incense pointing to Heaven

    6) Sun and Moon swinging

    YSG book 2

    This book contains the second 6 sets of the YSG forms namely : 

    7) Falling golden Star

    8) Seated with hands protecting the Heart

    9) Deities stretching the legs

    10) Shifting of the legs

    11) Lazy mule stretching the back

    12) Twisting the waist left and right

    YSG book 3

    This book contains the third 6 sets of the YSG forms namely : 

    13) Overturning the Ocean and River

    14) Subduing the Wind and Waves

    15) Hands holding the Sun and the Moon

    16) Holding the censor revering Heaven

    17) Eye exercises that strengthen the kidneys

    18) Carrying the baby and nourishing the mind

    YSG book 4

    This book contains the fourth 6 sets of the YSG forms namely : 

    19) Ferocious tiger pushing the mountain

    20) Deities extracting silk

    21) Child wiping the mirror

    22) Relaxing the shoulder, shaking the waist

    23) Separating the Yin and Yang

    24) Up & Down the five elements

    YSG book 5

    This book contains the fifth 6 sets of the YSG forms namely :

    25) Moving the bagua

    26) Separating the Sky and Earth

    27) Turning the bagua

    28) Both palms facing the Heart

    29) Pheonix gazing at the Sun

    30) Monkey climbing up the tree

    YSG book 6

    This book contains the sixth 6 sets of the YSG forms namely :

    31) Shifting the inner Qi

    32) Inhaling and Exhaling of Qi

    33) Dance of the Pheonix

    34) Deflect, Push, Shove & Press

    35) Grab & Pull, Ward off & punch, Elbow & lean

    36) Float & Sink, Absorb & Expel

    About Your Instructor

    Sifu Wong is the very first corporate kung fu trainer in Malaysia, where he uses his knowledge and skills to inspire hundreds and thousands of corporate workforce here in Malaysia. 

    He's a certified YSG instructor by the lineage holder (Master Yap Boh Heong) and has been promoting YSG to help internal art practitioners to improve and grow through the learning of YSG.

    He had been featured in Bernama TV, BFM 89.9 (The business station), Durian FM (an online radio station), The Book of Successful People In Malaysia by Britishpedia, a production from UK. 

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    Let's join our YSG club today.

    We understand that learning from books can be tough and frustrating, going through the posture, picture which is not aligned with the writeup, bad illustration, and with no one to clarify with, whether we're doing it right.

    We take the initiative to shift the paradigm of learning this premium internal arts available for everyone by introducing the YSG club, which only takes 18 months.

    What you'll get from joining the YSG club?

    1) Step by step instructional video guide for all the sets worth


    2) Twice a month live zoom session worth


    3) One to one accountability support from seniors worth


    4) Private Facebook group worth 


    5) Bonus videos and extra training resources worth


    Total value based on 18 months duration


    With all the value that you'll get from the above, you don't need to spend a fortune to learn this premium internal art

    Refer to tabulation below of what you'll get in 3 different packages of YSG club memberships.

    Let's start this beautiful journey by choosing your membership packages below.

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