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S.E.E.D Wing Chun Combat System

The amalgamation of lineages under the late great grandmaster Ip Man takes place.





What's So Special About S.E.E.D Wing Chun?

We make it so easy to learn by applying our S.E.E.D concept

We take the effort to study the art with science and physics, thus every single technique and move will be explained in a very detailed manner, which very unlikely to be experienced in any other schools

We've removed all the myths when it comes to kung fu learning. What you'll get is down to earth practical and applicable martial art while maintaining the essence of the art.

Meet Your Instructor : Sifu Wong

Sifu Wong has been training under the guidance of a few masters and lineages throughout the years under the Yip Kin wing chun lineage, Ip Man lineage (Chow Tse Chuen, Wong Shun Leung and Wong Sze Weng lineage)

Now he's been learning directly under the guidance of Sifu Kong Chi Keung from Hong Kong.

That doesn't stops him to offer a wide variety of knowledge in his conceptional teaching of Wing Chun kung fu.

Our classes are an unorthodox approach, we apply the S.E.E.D concept in it. Where Simplicity of approach must be accompanied by Effectiveness of body mechanics to create Efficiency of energy to react Dynamically.

More about Sifu Wong

Here's Why You Will Love Our Wing Chun Class

We always emphasize on students achievements.

Our class is always interactive, where we make sure that every students managed to follow the syllabus according to their own speed.

Now everyone managed to experience what the late great grandmaster Ip Man's teachings with the combination of the scientific approach of the S.E.E.D concept to enhance the learning experience and practicality of the art, as it evolve into an, even more, advanced martial art, and not only wing chun as it used to be.

Apart from the our main S.E.E.D concept, we uses science and physics to teach, and not the traditional approach but yet, preserving on the essence of the art.

We don't just train forms and sets and movements. But we make sure each of those movements or techniques are applicable and practical by applying pressure testing to each and every moves.

With Hundreds And Thousands Of People Experienced S.E.E.D Wing Chun Kung Fu, It Can't Go Wrong

  • We are located here at :12A & 12B, Lorong Kasawari 4b, Taman Eng Ann, 41150 Klang, Selangor (Right above 7-eleven)

    Class schedule and fees:

    Our weekly wing chun class is on every Monday night from 8:00pm to 10:00pm

    Class monthly fee : MYR150
    One time registration fee : MYR100
    Uniform t-shirt : MYR30

    Contact Sifu Wong to sign up today:


    We also have a branch in Trivandrum, India too.

    For all enquiries for physical wing chun class or online class in India, kindly contact our instructor Mr. Arjun by clicking on button below to have more information directly from him.

    Whatsapp Mr. Arjun

    Our recent trip to Hong Kong August 2023

    Following segment are collection of pictures we took from our Hong Kong visit to learn from Sifu Kong Chi Keung. He even personally brought us to pay our respect to the late grandmaster Ip Man's grave and Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA) started by Ip Man himself.